Malibu On The Ground Tour

This guy named Robert gets Malibu. He’s a travel bug in Malibu California with his prescription glasses. The Pacific shoreline is a beautiful piece of CA. Hopping on the Pacific Coast highway and drive north of Santa Monica and you will find this wonderful place. Nevermind the traffic.

The video below shows all the gates of celebrity houses. That’s as far as he can go apparently.

He knows people live in Malibu for the beach. This 20 mile away place from LA is a perfect paradise for laid back people. You can fish, surf, or climb up Point Dume, and see the beaches from a bird’s eye view.

Ruby Shake Shack was still open during this time. It was a good place to eat a hamburger with a view.

Malibu is truly a place to forget about your worries. When you see that golden sun setting in the horizon, you’ll have nothing to fear.