Malibu From the Skies

You can see here an aerial tour of Malibu with Aidan Gallagher, celebrity and kid star. He flies in a helicopter while viewing the golden coast.

The first sight we can see is the majestic Lake Balboa Park. The sunlight glitters on the water like diamonds strewn on a green carpet. Up next is the sprawling of the Southern California subdivisions. Then the 101 FWY North.

You can se the cars riding past the highway. There’s not much traffic really. That’s why this place is such a joy to visit. Everything is just laid back.

You can see the mountains encircling the land. Then the lavish homes on top of the hills. The whole area looks really dry from the summer sun. Everything is just so organized.

You can see Lake Calabasas next. It’s quite a beaut among the green foliage. There are houses nearby too. Malibu is truly a residential area, not just a vacation hotspot.

Up next is the Viewpoint Football Field. The giant “V” is clearly visible in the middle.

There are many more sights to see in the aerial tour. You’ll see the wonder of Malibu if you just click the video.