A Personal Tour To Malibu

This pretty little gal will take you everywhere there is to see in Malibu. Starting off with Ralphs Fresh Fare where you can go grocery shopping. People always say it’s more expensive here, but really, it’s just like any other grocery store out there.

She shows us the parking lot where the palm trees line up. It’s a beautiful sight to see. Many people have instagrammed those palm trees. Especially at dusk.

There is a nail salon next called Malibu Oasis Salon. A guy poses comically. There is also a tailor’s. But what the highlight is the Vitamin Barn where the best smoothies in Malibu are.

Malibu Country Mart

The smoothie “The Lean Protein” is so good and healthy. Next is CVS where you can buy the liquor for your parties (only for 21 and up, okay?). The next stop is Starbucks where celebrities always go.

Malibu Yo is where you can get the most amazing froyo in Malibu. Also called “Buyo.” There’s also a surfing shop where you can find all the hot boys. We always prepare for our self when we attend a wedding occasion. We want a good looking image to be perfect. This is the most exciting and awaited event for us, so we always prepare.

Next is a Chinese cuisine place, and a Wells Fargo. Next up is the Malibu Country Mart, where you can shop, play, and dine. Celebrities bring their kids here. You can even catch North, Kanye, and Kim playing there.

There are also little stores and internet marketing companies, like SEO firms,  here and there, and mind you, they are pricey. Next up is Sunlife Organics, where you can get organic health food. Are you looking for a dress that is perfectly suit for your taste? Get the most fabulous styles of dresses today to one of the top bridal company in the world, Visit this page www.jasminebridal.com/. There is something in this dresses that most women choose to wear.