Malibu: Points of Interest

Every one of us has a point of interest, not only for humans but also places. It is a specific point location that someone may find useful or interesting. Get into the great outdoors. spend a whole day outside, and you’ll understand why the stars are here—for the sea, mountains, sun, and sky. Are you a nature lover? If you will visit Malibu, you can’t deny appreciating the beauty of nature and amazing creation given us.


Most of the people are interested in beaching, because beaches in Malibu are breathtaking and no other place can compare it. Try to live in this place or visit, you will realize that there are a lot of interesting places and views instead of hiding in the 屏風隔間; you will decide to take a hike and see the beauty that you haven’t seen before. The easy one and a half Zuma Canyon Trail winds along a dry creek bed through a woodsy canyon. And while it’s only minutes from Malibu’s neighbor¬hoods, it feels like back¬country wilderness.

Are you an adventurous person? There are more outdoor adventures in Malibu, have you ever heard of Latigo Beach? Or Big Rock, Puerco, Amarillo, or Escondido? Probably not. Most of Malibu’s beaches are lined with houses, but every California beach is public below the high tide line. They’re empty and beautiful, so while you can’t throw down your towel just anywhere, you can stay on the wet sand and explore.