The Things you Need To Do in Malibu

There are a lot of things to do in Malibu, you cannot do it for only a day. Malibu is also home to a gorgeous pier that is ideal for walking along to take in the ocean views and multi-million dollar cliff perched homes. The beach fun does not stop at sunbathing, you can rent water equipment like surfboards, paddle boards and kayaks to explore Malibu from within the ocean. I believe that for many trip out to Malibu can be very few and far in-between.


You really need to visit the Malibu Pier, you will like the 室內設計 and one of the most and if not the most iconic landmarks that Malibu has to offer. The pier has gone through a number of renovations throughout the years, however it still looks fairly similar to its original construction. The Paradise Cove beach is unspoiled, the tide pool discoveries plentiful and the views beyond magnificent. The other place is the Circle X Ranch is tucked in the canyons above Malibu. Stroll the trails, spot native California plants or enjoy a creek side picnic.

Also, if you think that you have time for a long lunch in the middle of the day in Malibu, go to the Malibu Family Wines vineyard, do a tasting and buy one of their surprisingly good bottles to drink at the winery’s picnic tables with the veggie burger.