Taking You Around Malibu

This is a tour done by 2 guys in a car. It’s a really unique tour, because they’re driving while they’re giving the tour, and just saying what’s on their mind when they see a landmark. It gives us a very organic look at Malibu.

You can see from the distance is Malibu. In the beginning they are in Sta. Monica Beach where Baywatch was filmed. You can recognize the lifeguard towers in the distance. Unfortunately, Pamela Anderson was not around. Little trivia, she was in Baywatch as a lifeguard, but she couldn’t swim.

They stop at a light, and see the Jonathan Club, a men’s only men’s club. The second oldest men’s club in the US. It was named after the private secretary to George Washington. Everyone wants to get in this club, because they have a pool by the ocean. You can put your towels done, and just swim.

The joining fee is at 25,000 dollars, and it’s a 1,200 dollars a month. The distinguishing factor about the club is that two houses down, is the house by Peter Lawford, where Marilyn Monroe used to meet with John F. Kennedy.

Here’s another video showing you all the great beach destinations in Malibu. It has 21 miles of coastlines, and is known for its mild climate and great surfing spot.

Zuma beach is the beach for the hardcore surfers. Here you will see all the vacationers who go all the way and really do adventure stuff.

Just watch the video and find out more about Malibu.