The Wonderful Places of Malibu

Every country or state has its own wonderful to be proud of. One of this is the Malibu, it is a city west of Los Angeles, California. Wikipedia say that “Malibu, it is known for its celebrity homes and beaches, including wide and sandy Zuma Beach.” There are a lot of beaches that you won’t miss to explore like the El Matador State Beach, Malibu Lagoon State Beach, Leo Carrillo State Beach and many more. Some people of the Malibu will say that you miss half of your life if you will not visit this place.


The picture says it all, you can feel the serenity, fresh air and you can say to yourself that this is life. This is a place for relaxation and the ambiance is so positive. Bridal Company has a lot to offer as well. Try this new Jade dress line by Jasmine that makes you feel amaze by the unique design and style of this dress. This is one of the top fashion today that you must try. The pristine water and sand are a welcome sight to those familiar with some of the other lesser taken care of Southern California beaches, and the huge cliffs that line the edges make it a must see.

Not just only the beaches, they also have a nature parks, one of this are the Arroyo Sequit, Circle X Ranch, Point Magu State Park and etc… Standard digital reference images for inspection in Malibu, being so close to Hollywood and full of such beauty, I believe that this is a popular place for the movie industry to film.